About the Yurwitz Family
When Ignashus Jurwich came to America from Lithuania,
they told him to Americanize his name.  How he came up
with Jim Yurwitz, we have no idea. Below is a rough family

(Sorry this is rough, I created it back in 2003).
Jim Yurwitz married Mary ?
Had Three Children:
J. Peter Yurwitz
(1/15/1915 - 1/31/1989)
Walter Yurwitz
(4/5/1917 - 2/26/1967)
Florence Gerber
(11/12/1919 - 2/26/1994)
Peter married
Alice Stilson
(9/27/1915 - 12/28/2005)
Florence married
Alfred Gerber
(5/6/1915 - 10/1/2003)
Walter married
Elise Berbich
(1/23/1911 - 5/?/1982)
Had One Daughter:
Judy Johnson
(1945 - 1988)
Had Two Sons:
Robert S. Yurwitz (Bob)
Had One Son:
James R. Yurwitz
Robert married
Ramona Johnson
Had Two Sons:
James T. Yurwitz (Jim)
and Christopher J.
Yurwitz (Chris)
James married
Julie Bernardini
(now divorced)
Had Three Children:
Jessica K. Yurwitz,
Julia M. Yurwitz
(10/26/1968 - 3/18/1998),
and James W. Yurwitz
Jim married
Michelle Long
Had Two Daughters:
Emily M. Yurwitz
and Allie E. Yurwitz
Jessica married
James Takayesu
Had Two Sons:
Atticus J. Takayesu
and Wyeth O.
About Us
and Alan W. Yurwitz
(7/18/1953 - 8/30/2007),